Tasty Coconut Sundae-Low Glycemic



1/4 cup Anita’s Coconut Yogurt

2 tab. frozen organic raspberries

1 tab. organic raw walnuts

cocoa for sprinkling


1 tab. extra virgin olive oil

2 tab. unsweetened cocoa

2 tab. monk fruit sweetener

1 tea. bourbon vanilla

pinch celtic gray salt


Blend all sauce ingredients until smooth. Taste and correct the sweetness until you like the flavour.  Set aside. In a bowl scoop the yogurt, top with walnuts and rasberries slightly broken up. Drizzle with chocolate sauce. If you like more chocolate add a dusting of cocoa. Enjoy!


I sometimes add almond essence to my chocolate sauce. I find in combination with vanilla and a bit of sea salt gives it a caramel flavour. Monk fruit is a great sweetener for diabetics as it has zero calories and glycemic index. If you don’t have to watch those you can use your favorite sweetener, such as agave or raw local honey. If you want the yogurt to be rose in color blend up some of the juice from the raspberry with the yogurt. Only add a bit as yogurt can quickly get watery. Eat immediately as if yogurt gets warmer it gets thinner, and the thrill of this one is its rich thick consistency.