How to use a pressure cooker

How to use a pressure cooker-diabetic-low glucemic

Healthy, home cooked meals are easily made more quickly using a pressure cooker. From start to finish, you can have tasty, made from scratch soup on the table in the time it takes to listen to the news.


32 oz quality water

8 oz. beans (turtle, chick, kidney, white or black-eyed)


Pour beans into cooker, add water. Do not include salt, as it will effect the cooking process. Seal the arm. Bring the cooker up to high pressure. When you hear the sound of the steam and it is on the high pressure mark, slightly reduce heat to medium, while still maintaining high pressure. Let the beans cook for twenty minutes. You should smell them cooking at that point. Reduce pressure and open the cooker. Taste the beans to make sure that they are soft. If they are perfect proceed to the next phase by adding your seasoning.


You can cut down on cooking time by soaking your beans before cooking. Place them in a glass jar full of high quality water. Leave uncovered over night. The next day when you are ready to cook discard the water. Use the soaked beans as you would dried beans. Make note of the time the soaked beans need to cook as it will be shorter than dried beans. Time will vary depending on your altitude and climate.

If you are cooking for dinner in the morning and don’t have enough time to cook the beans fully try this simple trick from the pioneer times. After cooking, turn off the stove. Keep the beans sealed in the cooker. Wrap the pot with towels and leave it. The heat that is in the cooker will be insulated and will keep the beans cooking all day.