Nut Mylk-Sweet and Nutricious

This is a recipe taken from the book “D.I.Y. Vegan” by Nicole Axworthy and Lisa Pittman.

This is a simple nut mylk to do. If you areĀ  rushing off to an adventure, throw some nuts into a blender with water, a bit of sweetener and blend until combined. If you don’t have nuts a scoop of nut butter will work just as well. If you have more time, take the trouble to soak your nuts. That will ensure a richer, more nutritious end result.


1 cup organic nuts, can be a mix. Use walnuts, pecans, sesame seeds, macadamian, pistachio, pepito, cashews, brazil, whatever you have on hand. They must be raw, not roasted.

1 cup good quality water

1 tbl. vanilla extract

2 tbl. sweetener of choice (agave, raw honey, monk fruit, coconut sugar are all good)


Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend on high until combined. If you want a smoother product, filter the mylk. Keep the pulp in the freezer for baking, or facial scrubs


You can change the flavour by adding 1-2 tbl. of matcha, cinnamon, cocoa, or almond extract. Also adding a bit of fruit and ice makes a nice drink to give to your favourite guests at home.