Miss Lo’s Lemonade Stand-Choco Balls


Coco balls are a energy packed lunch add-on. This recipe is the starter base for the coco balls. If you want, you can design these balls to fill most of your nutritional requirements by adding whatever energy enhancer you want to this mix. When you add the supplements the mixture will change in consistency. Please note, if it seems too dry add more agave, or raw coconut oil. If it feels to wet, add more powdered cocoa.


1 cup unsweetened cocoa plus more for rolling

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 cup agave or quality sweetener ( Diabetics substitute  1 cup monk fruit sugar plus 1 Tbl. raw coconut oil)

pinch of salt

Supplements to mix in or roll onto outside

raw coconut oil

soaked raw nuts

dry roasted nuts

green powder

red powder

shredded coconut

raw cocoa nibs


Mix all ingredients by hand. If it seems to dry, add more liquid. If too wet, keep rolling in cocoa. Add in your supplements. Taste to make sure it is sweet enough. If you are making these for your child, make sure they taste it and are OK with the flavour. Adjust it until they are happy.  To finish, roll coco balls in crushed nuts, cocoa or coconut. Refrigerate at least one hour. These wiill keep for one week in the refrigerator. You can also freeze them, and they will keep 6 months.


Involving your children in the process is a great way for them to embrace this food. You can make a party where they and their friends get together to make their own coco balls. If you want to add fun colors try using crushed freeze dried strawberries or blueberries. It looks so pretty. Make it a fun, creative adventure.