Lavender Hair Mask

Lavender Hair mask- D.I,Y. beauty treatment at home

This is a fun and easy mask to make yourself. I always have raw coconut oil and essential oil of lavender at home for my many projects. When I am travelling I make up a jar to take with me, so I can have something home made, chemical free that smells like the south of France.


2 Tbl. raw coconut oil

5 drops essential oil of lavender


Using a clean glass jar with a well fitting lid mix the ingredients. Seal the lid and shake for ten seconds.

Apply to hair. Wrap in an clean old towel. Leave on for twenty minutes. Wash with hot water. Please note that coconut oil can stain your towel.


Try to buy the raw coconut oil, which smells like yummy coconut. Look for names like “Raw’ or “Virgin’ on the label. It can be pricey, so if you are on a budget, visit your local Indian grocery. It can be 50% cheaper.

I like to play around with the scent. If I want to invigorate myself, I use peppermint oil, if I feel sad, I use grapefruit. If I just want smell great, I use gardenia- heavenly!