Fire Roasted Eggplant- Eating Outside- Vegan, Diabetic, Paleo

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1 medium eggplant or five baby eggplant cut into slices

celtic gray salt

olive oil for frying

optional: garlic or jalapeno for extra spice


Place your cut eggplant in a bowl, salt generously. Let it sit for thrity minutes. Wash and squeeze each individual piece to get rid of bitter juices. Put your cast iron pan on your grill over fire. When a drop sizzles your pan is ready.  Place eggplant slices that have been washed in the pan, add oil. Cook over high fire, stirring regularly. When eggplant tastes crisp on the outside and soft on the inside it is done.


Make alot extra as fire roasted eggplant is at it’s best the next day when flavours have melded. I always end up feeling that I have not made enough. If you are not camping you can always freeze extra slices to use for lunches or dinner when you don’t have alot of time. Serve with raw or cooked cut tomato,or parsley infused olive oil.