Everyday Ginger Tea-Healing Elixirs

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Everyday Ginger Tea-so zesty, warming and spicy. The strong taste of the ginger paired with fresh tasting lime and fragrant Manuka honey. For any time you need an immunity boost. Diabetic, paleo and vegan.

For success with kids: When serving Everyday Ginger Tea to children be aware that the taste can be strong for them. When I give this tea to my daughter I use 2 tbs of the completed Everyday Ginger Tea to 1 cup of heated water. I ask her to taste it to make sure that I have added enough honey. She usually likes her tea sweeter than mine. Children can be picky about flavors and textures, and you will want a drink that tastes good to them. It is fun to get them involved.

Caution:If you are pregnant or nursing, or have another health concern-be careful with this and any other supplement. Always consult your doctor.


4 inches of ginger or 1/2 cup- cut into slices

16 oz filtered water

2 limes squeezed

1 Tbls Manuka honey (diabetics substitute Monk Fruit)

Add-ons (optional)

1 dried red chilli pepper crumbled

extra lime



Place the cut ginger in a sauce pan. Add water. Boil for five minutes. Turn off the heat. Once the tea has stopped boiling and strain out big pieces. Squeeze limes and add to mixture. If the tea is not at boiling temperature the lime will be processed by the body as a raw food. Your tea will contain the delicate enzymes and vitamins present in fresh lime juice that are lost with heating it to boiling point. The same is true for Manuka honey, which should not be heated.


Add-ons–  For extra flu fighters add the juice of two more limes, tumeric, and chilli. This tea is not for taste bud wimps! With these extra add-ons the drink becomes very intense.  I usually find that when I am sick this combo makes me feel so much better that the taste does not bother me. With these add ons, your tea becomes loaded with vitamin C, lutein, and curcumin.