Easy Guide to Juicing-Mixed Veggie Juice

Easy tips for juicing- health hacks for life

This is my easy go to veggie juice. You may be starting out with juicing and don’t know how to proceed. I want to take your hand and help you with that! If I have an extra seven minutes I make this juice. It makes my day run smoothly, with truckloads of energy. It is loaded with nutrients, pre-biotics, and vitamins for an energy packed life. Please use organic for all of your juicing. Thoroughly wash your vegetable under a running tap. To clean them, you can soak greens in water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Scrub veggies with a stiff veggie brush to get off all of the dirt.


1/2  organic red beet

1 handful organic greens- you can use any on hand such as beet tops, kale, lettuce, parsley collards, radish tops or swiss chard

1 organic apple or pear

2 organic carrots

filtered water


Prep the veggies by cutting them into inch wide slices. You want them small enough to fit through the juicer mouth. I usually put all my vegetables in a big salad bowl so it is easy to use. When I am finished I use that to hold my juicer pieces for drying upon clean up. Run slices through your juicer. Drink  the juice immediately as the longer you wait the more nutrients the juice will lose through exposure to air. Some people can feel queasy after veggie juice. If that is you, add water until you are able to drink the juice with minimum discomfort. Clean your juicer thoroughly using a veggie brush on the mesh part. You may need to run it through the dishwater once of twice a week to get it really clean. It is also useful to spray it with hydrogen peroxide, if you are concerned about bacteria.


Organic produce is more expensive then the sprayed kind. It is worth the money. Look for ways to save. You can check out a nearby farmer’s market and form a relationship. Farmers often compost or toss weird looking carrots, green tops and miscellaneous produce that is perfectly good for juicing. Some farmers will take less money for those things, or even give it to you if you are a regular customer. You could also speak with your local organic store and see if they have waste items that they would sell cheaply or give to you. If you belong to a CSA, you always have so much extra that juicing is very easy.