Bubby Lily’s Thrifty Tips-Grandpa Joe’s Pickles

Grandpa Joe’s pickles are tasty, raw, and easy to make.  This recipe is a great place to recycle your glass jars.  I like to wash them in the dishwasher and keep them ready for when I am in pickle mode. Make sure the jars are sterile! I usually take them out of the dishwater and place the lids half on, so they can dry, but no dust will get inside. You can also use Mason Jars that you buy at the hardware store. They work great.

If you make another type of pickle using the hot vinegar solution they will be acidic enough to remain at room temperature. Vinegar brined pickles are different from mine in that mine require refrigeration for their entire shelf life.

Play around with the seasoning to find your perfect balance. I like my pickles hot and super garlicky, so I add alot of spice. Whatever you do, do not omit the salt, it is an integral part of this recipe. If you taste your pickles and they taste strange ditch those and start again.


3 Cucumbers- 6” or less is best

Filtered water
Pinch dill
Pinch cinnamon
2 Bay leaf
3 Garlic clove
Jalapeno pepper
Pinch of fennel seeds
Salt of your choice ( I use french gray salt)
Sterilized  mason jar with well fitting lid


The jar and lid must be sterile. You can run them in the dish washer or pour boiling water inside. Once dry, layer 1/4” of salt on the bottom of the jar. Add your spices, then the
cucumbers. You can really jam them into the jar. Add more salt to the top, and fill with filtered water until the top of the jar is full. Seal the lid and keep in the fridge. Enjoy in 2-3 days.


As I eat the pickles ( and they go fast!) I add more cucumbers to the water. I also drink the juice, which is full of tasty pro-biotics.  If you need to add more
water, definitely add more salt. Oy, it’s yummy!