One a day juicing for diabetics

one a day jucies for diabetics

This is a great juice to add to your daily regime. If you need to modify the flavour to be less strong, add water, monk fruit sweetener, or stevia.  Be realistic about your flavour choices, and creative with the presentation. Set yourself up for success!


1 inch ginger

8 oz organic kale

1 organic cucumer

1 stalk organic celery

1 organic lemon


Peel your lemon and save peel for another use, such as making citrus powder. Cut all ingredients into 1′ slices. Process through your juicer. Consume immediately


Play around with the flavour until you have a result you will be happy with consuming every day. If you have a list of low glycemic vegetables that you like, experiement with adding those. If you are not sure how it will effect your sugar, make sure to do a pin prick test before and after you consume your juice. Try to keep a record to understand what to eat and how it will effect you.