Healthy Fruity Pops for Kids

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Healthy Fruity Pops are easy to make and full of wholesome ingredients. They can be a thrifty helper as you can recycle any extra fruit or smoothy liquid from other recipe adventures.


1 banana

1/2 berries

1/2 c. filtered water

1 tbs. agave or quality sweetener


Put all ingredients into the blender. Blend on high speed until very smooth. Fill up popsicle molds to the top. Put in your handles. Freeze until solid.


If you are in a shake making frenzy you can use any left over liquid for more pops. I also throw in any extra fruit I have from another recipe. Once pops are frozen you can store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer, so you have empty containers to make more pops. It is also nice to add cut up herbs or nuts for texture. I also like to add chocolate!Yum!